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SitRight - Posture monitoring and correction seat cover and smart app

Correct your posture & get rid of back pain!

SITRIGHT: First to combine smart sensors for posture coaching, non sedentary working, and core muscle engagement exercises while seated.

About SitRight

SitRight is a smart seat cover with embedded sensors that monitors and corrects sitting posture to fight back pain caused by prolonged sitting. Coupled with a smartphone app for intuitive coaching and visualizations of your progress over time, our patented, flagship product combines behavioral change via real-time feedback, with active posture support.

We are soon to launch the SitRight Kickstarter Campaign. Stay tuned for exciting updates coming soon!

A smart seat cover that combines sensors for posture coaching, non sedentary working, and core muscle engagement exercises while seated.

Uses smart sensors to monitor and correct your posture with real-time pinpointed feedback via alerts to your phone and vibrations from your chair


Posture coaching

Vibrations and alerts nudge you towards a better sitting posture

One cover fits (almost) all

Our seat cover is designed to fit most popular office chairs

Real-time view

No guesswork! Our alerts explain your posture in detail. Simply open the app to view how you’re doing in real-time

Track your progress

Comprehensive data about posture and sitting habits, with a range of charts and graphs that you can share with your physician or physiotherapist

Activity reminders

Sitting for too long at work? We will remind you when to get up, walk-around and stretch

Compete with your friends

Constant challenges to keep it interesting

Can’t wait to try out SitRight?

Pre-order now for 200 USD!



Download the SitRight mobile app and create your profile


Position your SitRight seat cover on your chair


Calibrate your SitRight seat cover in line with your body size and natural sitting position

SitRight! Enjoy a healthy sitting posture all day long!

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Disclaimer: SitRight offers users information regarding his/her posture, however the service and the device does not offer medical advice or professional advice. The user must consult a qualified medical professional. The device is not FDA approved.